The power of knowledge

Tax Advisors Group sp. z o.o. is proud to introduce you a team of friendly and competent trainers willing to share their practical knowledge gained in our Clients’ offices as well as in tax institutions and in administrative courts.

We are often ahead of tax acts amendments as we keep up with proposed changes which may have a major impact on our Clients’ legal and tax settlements.

Internal trainings

Our specialists do internal trainings – custom made to meet our Clients’ needs – and cooperate with renowned training companies across Poland as well.

We constantly extend our knowledge to improve our trainings. Continuous development is the matter of utmost importance as frequent changes in tax legislation and unexpected court decisions make that constant update is a must.

Knowledge and experience

Being aware that trainings are investment not only in human resources but in the future of your business as well we are delighted to introduce you in the multicoloured world of taxes and to clear up all the doubts you may have.

Therefore, if you need to pre-empt tax authorities’ questions why you applied outdated regulations or you are eager to improve your knowledge of taxes and avoid tax penalties and at the same time get the secret knowledge of Polish and international taxes in friendly atmosphere, please contact us.

Knowledge is power. The motto is true for all those who are able to apply it in practice, and this will certainly translate into financial profits and reduced risk exposure.

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