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Everyday tax consultancy

Our trustful cooperation with Clients is based on helpful and sound advice in the area of current tax liabilities and tax burden optimisation.

We offer our experience and knowledge to support our Clients to minimize potential tax risk.

Our services include:

  • preparing legal and tax opinions, interpretation and explanation of binding tax legislation
  • advice on tax planning and tax burden optimisation as well as on mapping out, implementation and developing individual tax strategy
  • advice on the application of tax policy and balance sheet instruments
  • preparing and analysis of contracts to optimise tax liabilities
  • drawing up tax returns
  • personal contacts with tax institutions
  • applying, on a Client’s behalf, to tax institutions for binding interpretation of tax legislation and advance protective tax rulings
  • updating Clients on tax law amendments
  • current examination of PIT, CIT, VAT, excise tax, property tax, PCC and other statutory charges as well as the analysis of tax burden optimisation opportunities
  • initiating parliamentary questions on tax issues of particular significance

We meet Clients not only in our office in Wrocław over a cup of coffee and a sweet snack but we are also open to make an on-site visit to get good insight into your particular business situation and offer tax solutions tailored specially to your needs. You can also contact us by e-mail; our services include always available and efficient telephone consultancy.

We advise and inspire our Clients but we do not put an undue burden on them. To the extent possible we render services at the required site, e.g. in our office or in your premises.

Transfer pricing

Economic transactions between enterprises under common ownership or control should be established and documented with special care. It will reduce the tax risk inherent in questioning prices applied in the transactions.

Conscious management of transfer pricing is an indispensable tool to ensure effective business operations.

In order to guarantee the tax safety of transactions with affiliated companies we provide our Clients with comprehensive support in making decisions on transfer pricing risk management and in developing best business solutions.

Our services include:

  • drawing comprehensive tax documentation for transfer pricing – preparing and optimizing existing transfer pricing documentation in compliance with local regulations and international OECD and BEPS guidelines
  • benchmarking – conducting benchmarking analysis based on a Client’s data and professional databases to confirm or verify transactions’ compliance with the arm’s-length principle.
  • risk hedging projects – recognition of major risk areas inherent in the selected method and the transaction remuneration as well as the proposed hedging activities, development of transfer pricing policy
  • transfer pricing proceedings – assistance and representation in tax proceedings and audits, court litigations regarding arm’s-length principle or completeness of transfer pricing documentation submitted.

Business restructuring consultancy

Running a business poses an organisational, financial and legal challenge. Frequent changes in tax legislation additionally increase the economic risk.

We understand that there are no two identical undertakings therefore we offer individually tailored unique services aimed at establishing and restructuring your business.

Basing on many-year experience and state-of-the-art legal and tax instruments we provide services in the area of:

  • selection of optimum tax business structure taking into consideration your industry characteristics and financial exposure
  • restructuring activities including not only business structure itself but also spin-off of an organised part of the enterprise, in-kind contributions with respect to tax and property safety of individuals involved
  • conducting due diligence investigation, i.e. tax verification of the entity acquired of taken over, to minimize your tax risk
  • tax assistance in the process of acquisition or disposal of securities (shares, equities) – tax analysis of an entity’s transformation, merger, division or liquidation proceedings.

Whenever a tax issue occurs our experts on tax consultancy come helpful. We know tax regulations and opportunities arising perfectly well. We keep current with the interpretation of binding tax regulations by tax institutions as well as with the case-law of administration courts (both Provincial Administrative Court (WSA) and Supreme Administrative Court (NSA)) and of the Constitutional Tribunal. Basing on our expertise and many-year experience in local and international market we develop accurate analyses which are followed by best tax strategies. Our solutions let our Clients minimize tax burdens in full compliance with legal regulations.

We are top tax experts, as professional as you are in your field. Dealing with tax advisory we are aware of inherent risks therefore we do our best to act not only effectively but legally as well. While communicating your tax expectations and reservations you also give us an opportunity to translate them into required and desired results. Your satisfaction is our priority. Tax advisory and tax challenges are our passion. Our sense of achievement is closely related to your satisfaction as we are always focused on our Clients.

Cooperation with our Clients involved many specialised tax restructuring projects. We cooperate with the best tax specialists, legal advisors, certified auditors, which makes our services unique in the market.

Cooperation with our Clients involved many specialised tax restructuring projects.

Tax services dedicated to public sector institutions, trade unions and so called third sector

Tax regulations apply to the operations of public entities, such as local government institutions, hospitals, universities and colleges, public utility institutions and to third sector entities including non-governmental organisations focused on social objectives as well.

Here we offer a range of unrivalled services.

Invaluable experience, top qualified advisors, understanding of the specific character of third sector entities and legal institutions are only a few advantages of our team.

We ensure ongoing tax consultancy as well as the assistance in meeting your tax and reporting obligations.

We analyse projects involving public funds, including EU funds and other international financing sources. We offer assistance in the transformation of units of public finances into commercial law companies.

We ensure support in calculating VAT sales structure indicator, VAT pre-coefficient, in preparing accurate amended multiannual tax return and also in proper tax qualification of statutory, mission and economic expenses in terms of CIT, VAT and other duties.

Tax advisory services for international transactions and investment projects

We are one of a few tax advisory offices employing staff with professional international experience. Clients benefit from our knowledge of tax environment in the EU and other countries as well as our international business contacts as we are able to offer them effective and relevant solutions tailored to their needs.

Simple solutions are often considered to be the best. Unfortunately, running business activities in international environment (even within the EU) and a mere analysis of the tax effects, also for basic transactions, in a maze of EU and local regulations frequently requires more sophisticated answers. Today one cannot exclude even a single international transaction. Its tax consequences require an accurate analysis of the transaction and developing strong arguments in case of tax audit by tax or customs authorities.

We analyse the guidelines of the European legislative bodies and tax trends in other EU member states on regular basis to propose our Clients solutions adjusted to new international trends and interpretations provided by tax institutions in advance.

We look forward to challenges, we are open to new opportunities which ensure our Clients’ satisfaction; therefore, we deliver the most complex advisory projects with genuine pleasure and interest and analyse all sorts of international transactions and investment undertakings. Our consultants are open to any tax issues reported by our Clients.

TaxAGroup advisors have been working for one of the major Polish capital groups, for international investors (also in special economic zones) and for local investors in diverse sectors.

Tax and audit proceedings and legal disputes

Close cooperation of our tax consultants and legal advisors will lead you through tax and audit procedures as well as through proceedings instituted under the Fiscal Offences Act and, if necessary, will assist you in court litigation.

Pragmatic approach to any issue is our greatest advantage. We support our Clients at every stage of a proceedings or an audit and we prepare them for expected tax authority procedures, administration court or Supreme Administration Court litigations. We also offer all-inclusive assistance in obtaining a positive individual tax interpretation issued by the Head of the State Tax Information – from drawing up the application through its submission, and representation also before administration court.

We respect our Clients’ time and money so all our activities aim at the satisfactory conclusion of the dispute as early as possible at minimum cost. We ensure top professional quality and comprehensive approach in all the proceedings and litigations. Having your power of attorney, we take care of the case and make you sleep well. Positive conclusion of the dispute and the proceeding is a major source of satisfaction, yet, we also care about your comfort and trust so we are at your disposal all the time.

Our successful performance reflects the highest degree of professional care and conduct.

Tax audits

Our Client’s requests and plans are our key priorities. We are aware of being both business partners and advisors so taking good care of our Clients’ interests is our superior objective. Being this the reason, as both the consultants and business partners we advise our Clients how to conduct a transaction in the best possible way.

If, as a partner, you plan to withdraw from a business, introduce a new investor, reduce the risk, verify your tax obligations, (e.g. in terms of transfer pricing), of the international mother company requests your company operations report, you consider an acquisition, a disposal or restructuring of a company or simply you need to verify the accuracy of your annual or multiannual tax returns, then an interim tax audit or due diligence will be the best solution.

Tax audits to verify or optimise operations and due diligence involve close cooperation of our advisors and the team of accountants to analyse in detail and control Clients’ tax returns. Basing on the prepared report they recommend a ready solution tailored to a Client’s needs. It is designed to protect you against tax risk and, if possible, to avoid generating excessive tax burden, create opportunities to reduce tax, delay payment, identify the circumstances of overpayment and propose solutions how to get the return.

The scope, the method and the time of an audit are agreed individually to reduce inconveniences for the Client and its staff.

Simply trust our advisors and we do our best to verify the correctness of your business operations in a friendly atmosphere. We disclose possible errors and recommend best solutions tailored individually to your needs. This is to make you feel safe and look forward to your future.

We advise and inspire businesses of any legal status, both small and big ones.

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