We intended to create a Tax Practice that would offer our Clients hands-on tax advisory, not only in terms of proper lawful interpretation but also through best solution recommendations.

Our Tax Practice was established in December 2008.

Each of us was then at different stage of our career development. Basing on our professional experience we assumed that tax advisory services provided in a corporation or individually impose major limitations and set up barriers.

As partners we have different characters and experience and we also take varied attitudes. However, we share interest in the idea of the Tax Practice growth and desire to support our staff professional development. With our team we are able to offer our Clients a full range of tax advisory services in tax related issue.

We do our best to advise, assist and inspire our Clients in their tax operations.


Sabina Moczko-Wdowczyk

Tax Advisor, Partner

tel. +48 71 789 50 50

tel. kom. +48 669 930 233

e-mail: smw[at]taxagroup.pl

Sabina Moczko-Wdowczyk – Tax advisor (no. 09738) since 2002. Co-founder of TaxAGroup. Partner, President of the Management Board.


She gained her experience working for tax consultancy offices such as Roedl & Partner, where she managed the tax advisory department, and Deloitte.


Author and co-author of numerous tax-related publications (articles, books).


Conducts trainings for renowned training companies, certified auditors and other professional groups. Associate of the Accountants’ Association in Poland


Lecturer at Postgraduate Studies in the University of Economics in Wrocław.


Specialises in VAT and CIT related issues subject to international tax law regulations.


Moreover, she deals with tax procedures as well as with court and administrative proceedings; she provides services to German speaking clients.

Jakub Boberski

Tax Advisor, Partner

tel. +48 71 789 50 50

tel. kom. + 48 603 216 503

e-mail: jb[at]taxagroup.pl

Jakub Boberski – Tax advisor (no. 10377) since 2005. Co-founder of TaxAGroup. Partner, Member of the Management Board.


Gained his professional experience working for the First Internal Revenue Office in Wrocław and then in advisory companies Roedl & Partner and Deloitte.


Author and co-author of numerous tax-related publications (articles, books). Provides trainings for renowned training companies.


Lecturer at Postgraduate Studies in the University of Economics in Wrocław.
Associate of the Accountants’’ Association in Poland.


Specialises in income tax related cases and in business restructuring procedures.

Monika Mucha, PhD

Tax Advisor, Partner

tel. +48 71 789 50 50

tel. kom. +48 501 404 111

e-mail: mm[at]taxagroup.pl

Monika Mucha, PhD – Tax advisor (no. 09739) since 2002. Co-founder of TaxAGroup. Partner, Proxy.


Graduate of the Law Department in Wrocław University, got her PhD degree in law in 2002.


Gained her professional experience working for Stare Miasto Internal Revenue Office in Wrocław and then in Roedl & Partner advisory company.


Authored numerous publications on tax legislation released, among others, in Monitor Podatkowy, Przegląd Podatkowy, Przegląd Sądowy, Przetargi Publiczne, Samorząd Terytorialny, Finanse Publiczne. She worked on the position of the Chief Editor of a professional magazine Podatki w sektorze publicznym, dedicated to local government institutions.


Cooperates on regular basis with renowned training companies, such as Infor, Stowarzyszenie Księgowych, Presscom, PTE, BDO. Conducts trainings for accountant candidates, tax advisors and certified auditors. Lectures on tax legislation, a participant in numerous conferences, a lecturer at postgraduate studies in Wrocław universities and colleges.


Specialises in VAT, especially in regulations for public finances sector including communes, districts, schools, hospitals and also funds and associations. Performs frequent restructuring projects for companies and firms.

Jakub about Sabina:

I am impressed with Sabina’s German style consulting which involves not only fluent and efficient communication with our German Clients. It is mostly about her reliability, timeliness and high-quality expertise.


Monika about Sabina:

Always competent, well-prepared and ready to help, both at work and in private. She will examine every issue thoroughly, born to advise.


Sabina about Jakub:

Jakub builds great relations with our Clients, business partners and colleagues. Always passionate about projects and trainings he conducts.


Monika about Jakub:

Seemingly easy-going, always focused on his goals. Clients appreciate his reliability and timeliness; trainees enjoy his professionalism and sense of humour.


Sabina about Monika:

A real hard worker, full of energy, remarkably committed to her job. Perfect advisor and lecturer.


Jakub about Monika:

Monica is exceptionally enthusiastic about her job. Always deeply committed to a project and Clients’ issues. I like her dynamic and energetic personality.