Our staff improve their professional qualifications

In September 2017 Ania Napierajczyk obtained her Master’s degree in economics. It is Ania’s second master’s degree.

Important events

Robert Borzycki got married. Although we were invited to the wedding ceremony, we could not participate. However, we sent the newlyweds a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered by Poczta Kwiatowa. Congratulations! We wish you all the best in your new life!

Our staff improve their professional qualifications

Ewelina Skwierczyńska passed her professional exam thus getting the title of a tax advisor. We celebrate her success and wish you all the best!

Our achievements

Ania Michalak and Arek Gaczyński participated in at 2nd edition of the „Akademia Małego Przedsiębiorcy” conference held in Wrocław. They gave lectures on the following topics:

Ania Michalak – „Responsibilities of the National Tax Administration. Trends in tax audits – tools, terms and audited areas”; Arek Gaczyński – “Business costs optimisation”.

Our team

Our team has been constantly expanding. Two new members have joined our team recently – Roksana Basty – a beginner in tax consulting and Michał Staniek – a tax advisor. Michał is the eighth tax-advisor on board!

Our staff improve their professional qualifications

Ewelina Pietruszyńska graduated from postgraduate studies on tax consultancy at the University of Economics in Wrocław. Congratulations Ewelina!