Tax Advisors Group are professional advisors and trusted business partners.

Our mission is close cooperation with Clients.

Respecting unique character of each Client we build long-term trusting relations. We advise and inspire businesses of any legal status, both small and big ones.

Every Client is considered to be our investment. Our face to face meetings focus on personal contact.

Close partnership relations let us recognise fully specific character of our Client’s business. We understand and successfully address business needs in local and international markets. Our many-year experience and unconventional ideas let us go beyond our clients’ expectations.

As professionals we are aware that effective advisory services require cooperation with specialists from business related areas.

Our services involve assistance in particular cases and transactions and, first and foremost, strategic tax policy planning for all the business activities. We focus on reducing tax burden in full compliance with binding legislation.


Izabela Gubernat

Administration Department

Tel. + 48 71 789 42 21 wew. 36

Fax  +48 71 789 42 20

E-mail: ig[at]

Iza has been working for Tax Advisors Group Sp. z o.o. since 2010. She gained experience, among others, in a translation agency, where apart from assistant’s duties, managed a translation department and did translations jobs in German on her own; she worked in a broker’s office where was responsible for damage liquidation and in a German department of a bank dealing mostly with clients’ complaints (so called back-office; German speaking environment).


Her duties in Tax Advisors Group Sp. z o.o. involve, among others,

  • office management and secretarial services (telephone and mail contacts with Clients)
  • translations in German
  • issuing invoices for services rendered by Tax Advisors Group Sp. z o.o.
  • payment formalities, i.e. sending reminders or payment default notices
  • HR management (including recruitment procedures)
  • preparing offers, agreements with clients.

As a passionate translator Iza also supports the Tax Advisors Group Sp. z o.o. in their contacts with German speaking clients.


In private: likes peace and quiet, in her free time she goes walking and listens to classical music (every year she looks forward to New Year’s concert from Vienna).


Her motto: “Mastery takes the patience for things that require patience”.

Our team

TaxAGroup is made by a team of 38 specialists. Presently (as of December 2020) we hire 10 tax advisors and 1 legal advisor. The structure of our team is based on managerial staff (from senior up to junior managers) and Consultants from senior to junior Consultant, respectively). Staff members are classified on the basis of yearly assessment, experience and job title (tax advisor, legal advisor) or with regard to particular individual criteria.


Joanna Roszak

Senior Manager

tel. 71 789 42 21

tel. kom. 504 334 076

e-mail: joanna.roszak[at]

In 2004 Joanna was granted the degree of Master of German and Polish Law. She has been dealing with taxes since 2006 (Rödl and Partner, Deloitte, Tax Advisors Group). Specialises in goods and services tax and in providing services to international entities. Taxes are fascinating as ongoing changes in tax regulations prompt continuous intellectual improvement 😉


After hours she reads criminal stories and experiments with vegetarian cuisine.


Professional motto: “The devil is in the details!”

Jakub Sibiński

Senior Manager

tel. 71 789 42 21 wew. 34

tel. kom. 601 233 132

e-mail: jakub.sibinski[at]

Legal advisor since 2011.


Jakub started working as a tax advisor in one of the Internal Revenue offices and then cooperated with one of the most renowned tax consulting firms (Rödl & Partner).


He specialises in income tax and taxing procedures.


Taxes are unpredictable and marked with volatility, which makes us creative and facilitates development.


After hours an eager boxing fan, a black music enthusiast and a Mexico traveller.


Professional motto: “Do what you love and do it well indeed”.

Mieczysława Szymańska


tel. 71 789 42 21 wew. 20

tel. kom. 600 367 886

e-mail: mieczyslawa.szymanska[at]

Tax advisor since 28 June 2016.

She has been dealing with taxes since 2001, gained hands-on experience as a tax consultant in Polish private telecom company – Dialog S.A. in Wrocław, then in a tax advisory company Accounting Audyt Partner Sp. z o.o. S.K., for the last three years in Tax Advisors Group Sp. z o.o. Spółka Doradztwa Podatkowego in Wrocław.

Representing Tax Advisors Group Sp. z o.o. Spółka Doradztwa Podatkowego she conducts trainings on goods and services taxes dedicated to the public finance sector. Cooperates closely with local government institutions reviewing and optimising VAT settlements. Misia has also impressive journalistic experience, cooperates with Presscom and Difin publishing houses, authored publications on VAT, tax on civil law transactions (co-author of Practical Commentary, Difin) and property tax.

What attracts and inspires me in tax advisory are different points of view; being able to convince someone to your idea is a source of satisfaction in itself.

In private: loves sun, warm wind, water which lets her feel like in space. Misia is fond of music and sport, she finds her getaway in family life and good sleep.

Professional motto: „Live and let live”

Anna Michalak


tel. 71 789 42 21 wew. 29

kom. 512 800 691

e-mail: anna.michalak[at]

Tax advisor since 2014.

Ania has been dealing with taxes since 2011. She gained experience in TLA Smoczyński Koniewski Doradztwo Podatkowe Sp. z o.o., Accounting Audyt Partner Sp. z o.o. S.K. (Impel Group) and GIA Goldenstein International Advisors Spółka Doradztwa Podatkowego Sp. z o.o.

Specialises in the area of VAT and income taxes. What I like most in tax advisory is an opportunity to sort out complex legal and tax issues.

In private she loves travelling, in particular to places with minimum 28 degrees Celsius and no rain.

Professional motto: “A leader can see more, looks further and recognises facts before other do”. L. Eims

Monika Cygan-Pleśniak


tel. 71 789 42 21 wew. 29

e-mail: monika.cygan[at]

She has been dealing with taxes since 2004 gaining her first experience in tax administration institutions, including Lower Silesia Internal Revenue Office in Wrocław. Monika worked for Tax Advisory Departments in Roedl & Partner and in BPG Consulting audit company in Wrocław delivering projects which involved CIT, PIT, VAT and property tax, also under the international conventions on double taxation.


Specialises in tax audits performed for capital companies and due diligence investigations. Monika also conducts tax trainings.


Client’s approval of her performance is always a source of satisfaction.


After hours – addicted to travelling. When travelling she starts planning the next trip; she keeps a photo diary to make her memories alive.


Professional motto: “At work expect the unexpected”.

Arkadiusz Gaczyński


tel. 71 789 42 21 wew. 34

e-mail: arkadiusz.gaczynski[at]

Arek has been dealing with taxes for more than 3 years. Before he gained his experience, among others, in Deloitte Legal Pasternak, Korba i wspólnicy s.k.


Specialises in tax and legal issues related to business restructuring and in transfer pricing. Runs training sessions in the area of income taxes.


Tax system ambiguity makes us creative and encourages individual approach to each client and each case.


In private an enthusiast of alternative coffee brewing methods, ready to spend hours on finding unique taste in every cup.


Professional motto: „A shrewd person solves problems. A wise one avoids problems.” A. Einstein

Piotr Adamiak


tel. 71 789 42 21 wew. 25

e-mail: piotr.adamiak[at]

Piotr has been dealing with taxes since 2009. Gained experience in Internal Revenue Office in Poznań and in Instytut Studiów Podatkowych Modzelewski i Wspólnicy.


He focuses on tax and legal issues mainly in the area of income taxes, local taxes and duties as well as in transfer pricing.


Diversity is what he likes most about tax advisory; it prevents him from getting into a rut.


In private Piotr likes sport, in particular playing and watching football, good movies and travelling – both to close and far destinations.


Professional motto: “Work to grow, not to gain”.

Anna Napierajczyk

Junior Manager

tel. 71 789 42 21 wew. 27

e-mail: anna.napierajczyk[at]

A graduate of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics; holds a title of PhD in tax advisory.


Sha started her hands-on experience in 2016 with Rödl & Partner and since 2017 has been working for TaxAGroup.


Specialises in the area of income tax and transfer pricing.


She finds continuous improvement and exploring new solutions the most satisfactory part of tax advisory.


In private she reads popular science literature and revives the tradition of Polish cuisine from the early decades of 20th century.


Professional motto: “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity”. Seneka

Marta Koniewska

Junior Manager

tel. 71 789 42 21 wew. 35

e-mail: marta.koniewska[at]

Graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science and Management, doctoral student at the Chair of Corporate Finance and Value Management at the University of Economics in Wrocław.


She started her adventure with taxes in 2010 in TLA Smoczyński Koniewski Doradztwo Podatkowe Sp. z o.o. tax advisors’ office.


Between 2012 and 2016 she gained experience in an innovative company from SME sector (KFB Polska Sp. z o.o.) where she was responsible for legal, tax and HR issues.


She has been with TaxAGroup since January 2017 dealing with widely understood consultancy in the area of personal income tax (including contributions on personal income) and corporate income tax as well as commercial and civil law applied in preparing and assessing commercial agreements, and also in the area of restructuring commercial law companies.


What she likes in tax advisory are ambiguous and constantly changing regulations that make handling tax issues particularly challenging and facilitate continuous development and personal self-improvement. An opportunity to advise and support our Clients in their business operations is a source of great satisfaction.


In private an optimistic realist in love with travelling – eager to visit new destinations across the world, taste food and meet local people. I am fond of sports, mostly of diving in warm seas, cycling and good cinema in the evening.


Professional motto: “Nothing is impossible. Limitations dwell in our mind.”

Krzysztof Olbrycht

Junior Manager

tel. 71 789 42 21

e-mail: krzysztof.olbrycht[at]

Krzysztof started his adventure with taxes from the cooperation with Psie Pole Internal Revenue Office, gained experience as a staff member of tax departments in listed companies and in Rӧdl & Partner consulting office.


Specialises in the area of transfer pricing and commercial income tax (CIT).


Working with taxes means pursuit for minimizing and deferral of inevitable tax payment.


After hours a proud father keen on active leisure that lets open up new horizons and overcome one’s limits.


Professional motto: “I am proud to pay taxes for my country; however, I would be even prouder if half the value was at stake…” Artur Godfrey

Legal advisors

Michał Sulik

Legal advisor

tel. 71 789 42 21 wew. 27

e-mail: michal.sulik[at]

Legal advisor since 2011.


He began his adventure with taxes in Tax Advisors Group Sp. z o.o.


Specialises in local government legislation and proceedings before administrative courts.


Interdisciplinary character of taxes is what he is most fond of.


After hours enjoys good literature (Scandinavian criminal novels, spy novels, political thrillers) and films (works by Alfred Hitchcock and the French cinema).


Professional motto: “If you want to change the world start with yourself.”


Paweł Adamski

Senior Consultant

tel. 71 789 42 21 wew. 30

e-mail: pawel.adamski[at]

Paweł has been dealing with taxes since September 2016.


Specialises in goods and services tax and also in providing services for local government institutions.


Tax advisory rises to the challenge and gives him an opportunity to improve continuously.


Interested in cars and contemporary architecture. Paweł in an eager fan of watches.


Professional motto: “Get advice from the past, follow the present and look forward to the future”.

Małgorzata Rębska

Senior Consultant

tel. 71 789 42 21 wew. 27

e-mail: malgorzata.rebska[at]

Graduate of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics in Wrocław University. She has been dealing with taxes since 2016.


Specialises in the area of income tax and transfer pricing.


Facing the dynamics and complexity of tax regulations is the most satisfactory part of tax advisory for Gosia.


She spends her leisure time on reading and travelling.


Professional motto: “Success is made not of what you have but of who you are”. Bo Bennet

Robert Borzycki

Senior Consultant

tel. 71 789 42 21 wew. 27

e-mail: robert.borzycki[at]

Robert has been dealing with taxes since 2015, first in KDRC Przemysław Rosicki Spółka Komandytowa.

Specialises in double taxation regulations in particular in the area of income tax.

He finds taxes especially interesting mostly due to their strong presence in all spheres of our life.

After hours Robert cooks to discover new tastes and enjoys reading criminal novels.

Professional motto: “Sometimes you have to make one step backwards to be able to make two steps forward”.

Ewa Fusiara

Senior Consultant

tel. 71 789 42 21 wew. 26

e-mail: ewa.fusiara[at]

Graduate of the Faculty of Finance and Law of the University of Economics in Cracow.

She gained her first professional experience as a student working for a tax advisors’ office.

Specialises in the area of goods and services tax and tax regulations for public finances sector.

Unconventional character of work in tax advisory and the diversity of proposed solutions is what she enjoys most in her job.

Professional motto: “You are the only person across the world who can make good use of your potential”. Zig Ziglar

We intended to create a Tax Practice that would offer our Clients hands-on tax advisory, not only in terms of proper lawful interpretation but also through best solution recommendations.

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